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Timber Stand Information, Ken Lucas

Timber Cruising

Timber Cruises are statistical samples of a timber stand that allow us to determine the amount of merchantable standing timber, usually in Board-Foot units. The more sampling done on the timber stand, the more accurate the results. I design, and execute, timber cruises to acheive just the level of accuracy needed by the client, after discussing their needs. Timber cruises can range from simple occular estimates, using a method that I've verified the accuracy on, to cruises that will produce a report acceptable to the timber industry, typically, with a 10%, or lower, Standard Error.

I can also collect the timber stand growth information needed for the California NTMP or to support growth models.

My cruise and scale reports document my method, along with the results, and I include the raw field data, so that the client can have my work reviewed by a third party or build on my sample later on, if desired.

Log Scaling. Like timber cruises, log scales sample quantities of down or decked logs. These samples are typically more accurate than timber cruises.

Both my timber cruise and log scale sample designs can determine volumes by log sorts and grades, preferrable if the intent is to market the logs to a specialty market, such as the far eastern import market. Further, I specialize in providing cruise & log scale samples that can determine hardwood lumber grades.

I utilize some statistically backed alternative methods that allow me to achieve a significant savings over conventional cruising methods:
P-3-P technical procedure paper
P-3-P check cruise procedure paper
Area Free Test paper

I can offer specialized cruise designs for check cruising, timber trespass, or remote jungle area inventory projects. I strive to incorporate old cruise data provided by clients, whenever possible, to reduce new cruise efforts.

I'm set-up with a full range of equipment and software to provide clients with the maximum efficiency of electronic data handling. I also offer clients supporting services including:
1) a traverse capability that allows me to quickly & accurately determine the acreage of an area.
2) a data processing capability for clients wanting their cruise field data compiled by either the FPS or SuperAce cruise compilers.
3) a hardwood and specialty market sub sampling grading capability that allows us to report timber or log volumes by grade.

To better service large cruise efforts, I'm prepared to function as the project designer/supervisor to insure timely project completion and data integrity or as a subcontract timber cruiser for other contractors.

I strive to furnish accurate inventory data to the client in a timely manner.

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