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I can provide clients with training and tutorial assistance in mapping, timber cruising, log scaling, or grading of hardwood trees, logs, or hardwood lumber.

Specific training topics could include:

1. Use of GPS equipment & software, including both Trimble mapping and surveying-grade instruments, including the Geo series & R8 recievers and the Pathfinder & Trimble Business Center Office software applications.

2. Use of specialized cruising equipment, including the Speigel Relaskop, LaserTech Impulse, Trupulse, and the SuperAce cruise software.

3. My methods of timber cruising, ocular resource estimation, mapping, and lumber production quality control sampling.

4. I offer training in "micro" sawmilling, using the Lucas and Petersen portable sawmills.

Some training can be done via email, phone, and online computer conferencing.

Additional training would require one to five day training sessions at a field training site convenient to the client.

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